All You Need To Know About Cash For Cars Companies

When it comes to the car industry, no doubt you’ve heard about the likes of “cash for car companies”. But what are they exactly? While the name tends to give away the general idea of how they work, there is a lot more to them than people know. 

Which is the reason why we have come up with this blog post. For those you don’t know enough about cash for car companies, here is all the key facts you need to know about them. 

So What Do They Do? 

In the most basic premise of cash for car companies is that they provide you with straight cash for your car. A simple trade off. They give you straight cash for your used car depending on a host of factors in relation to your vehicle. Most companies will take vehicles of all types, including sedans, motorbikes, vans, trucks and more. Although, some companies might be focused on one type. Furthermore, they take cars and vehicles of all conditions, including used, old, damaged and brand new. Cash for car companies are also known as “scrap metal dealers”, “car wreckers in Dandenong” or “free car removalists”. While the names are different, they all pretty much offer the same services. 

How Do They Work? 

Cash for car companies work on a really simple premise and way. There is no confusion about how they work, which is why plenty of people go to them when they want to get rid of their used vehicles. This is how they work: 

  • You contact them directly
  • Provide them with details of your vehicle, including make, model, condition, year and kilometres driven
  • They will provide you with a quote based on those factors (or an online quote based on what you fill out)
  • If you agree with that value, provide them with a pick-up location. Most companies will provide you with free cash for car removal regardless of where you are. If they don’t, then find someone who does
  • Once they arrive, provide them with details that the car is yours (registration and licence are needed). They will take a quick look at the car and if it’s all good, they’ll take it off your hands
  • They will pay you in cash on the agreed price. 

So It’s That Simple? 

Yes – it’s that simple when it comes to working with cash for car companies. There is no hassle or drama. That is why many people look towards these experts when it comes to getting rid of their old used cars and vehicles without any issues. 

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