Best Parts To Scrap From Cars

So your old used car is near the end of its lifespan. Well, there is nothing to worry about that then. When it comes to ensuring that you always get the best dollars for your used car, you have to not look at your car as a whole, but as separate individual pieces. There is no question that when it comes to getting the best parts to scrap from your used cars, you can spend all day thinking about what are the best things. Lucky we have done the hard work for you with this simple blog post…

The Engine 

If you have a good engine that is working at premium condition, then you can get a great price for it. The better the engine runs, the better price you can get for it. So if you are looking to get your scrap in pieces (or if you call a professional such as Danny Scrap Metal, who are expert in scrap metal recycling in Melbourne), then you can even get a better price. This is why you should always keep your engine in the best condition, so you can get the best bucks when you scrap it and sell it off. 

The Wheels 

And when we talk about wheels, we aren’t talking about the tyres. We are referring to the rims of the wheels. Good quality rims can fetch a great price if they are in good condition. So how do you go about it getting the best price? You look after your rims, and when the time comes to sell your parts, remove your tyres, and clean down all the little bits of the rims. Then when you are ready, sell them and make the best buck you can from then – because people (and car lovers) will pay for great quality rims. 

The Panels 

When cars get into accidents, the first thing that gets damaged is the outside of the cars (aka. the panels). So if you are looking to sell bits of your car piece by piece, then you shouldn’t ignore all the pieces/panels of your car. From the boot to the bonnet, from the door to the roof, every part of the car can be reused over and over. So if you are looking to get the best money for your metal scraps, then we suggest speaking to the experts at Danny Scrap Metal. They are the leading “get cash for all automotives” company in Melbourne. Speak to them if you are looking to get the best money for them. 

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