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Health care industries usually have healthy margins and it is projected to grow from 18 per cent to 26 per cent in next 20 years in United States. But the landscape is changing now. Health care costs are rising at an alarming rate. It is estimated to be $4.8 trillion in 2021. This all has resulted in a need to look into the areas of savings.

The logistics and supply chain for healthcare industries is not as mature as other industries. These industries are facing the cost pressure for many years now. Now some cost cutting measures are very much required.  Now industries are looking to rely more on third-party logistics partner. They want to spend more time working with the patients, and less on knowing with the whereabouts of their equipments or worry about the supply chain. Smarter logistics process will surely help in cutting down the cost and will ensure more visibility.

Industry factors such as heightened concerns over security and patient safety, enhanced cross-border controls, and an increase in temperature-sensitive products entering the marketplace are surely affecting healthcare logistics. Many organizations are struggling to find in-house expertise to keep up with the ever-changing healthcare regulatory environment, thus some are choosing to outsource the work. Many freight management companies are providing the solution when it comes to catering to the supply chain and improve the visibility in the freight system.

Another contributor to increasing healthcare industry costs is inefficient delivery systems. The healthcare industry still lags behind many other industries when it comes to implemented product scanning, electronic ordering, order accuracy controls, and other key processes to improve supply chain efficiencies. But as more industries are looking forward to outsource the service, many freight companies are rising and expanding their network. You can experience the services of freight companies in Melbourne by freight brokers which are providing an all-round solution to healthcare industries in Australia. Having a large freight spend with many logistics providers, it usually gets better rates compared to what a single company gets if approached directly which surely helps in cost reduction and saves time, and time equals money.

Efficient logistics can help in achieving cost reduction and efficient delivery system justifying industry’s need for outsourcing.

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